Carmichael Presbyterian Church has a beautiful columbarium with many niches to house the cremains of deceased persons in the small courtyard behind the church office.IMG_0643

May anyone purchase a Permit to use a niche?

Any person who has been an enrolled member in good standing at CPC for at least a year may purchase a Permit. This Permit may then be used to inurn the cremains of any member of the permitee’s family, which includes his/her spouse, parents and his/her children and their spouses.

What is the total cost?

The total cost for placing the cremains of one person in a niche is $1,800 and includes the cost of the niche, canister, engraving, opening/closing and processing fees. The total cost of placing the cremains of a second person in the same niche is $900 and includes  processing, engraving and opening/closing fees.

How do I reserve a niche?

Obtain a copy of the Permit Application from the Church Office , complete it and send it with payment to CPC, attention Financial Administrator.



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