Stephen Ministry


What is Stephen Ministry?
Stephen Ministry is a Christian caring ministry through which those who are experiencing a difficult time can receive the love and care they need to support them. Having a Stephen Minister to care, to listen, to share God’s love with you can help you get through the confusion, stress, or loneliness you may be experiencing. Stephen Ministry provides one-on-one confidential, distinctively Christian care.

Who Might be Helped by a Stephen Minister?
People who are:

  • Grieving the loss of a loved one
  • Coping with divorce or separation
  • Expecting or adopting
  • Facing death, as well as families of those who are terminally ill
  • Experiencing the loss of a job, or financial setback
  • Struggling with their faith in God
  • Depressed or discouraged
  • Home-bound or institutionalized
  • New to the church/community
  • Victims of a disaster or accident
  • Facing a life transition
  • And people facing any other crisis or life change or who are going through a difficult time

A Stephen Minister Is…

  • A caring Christian who really listens.
  • A member of Carmichael Presbyterian Church who has received 50 hours of training in how to provide distinctively Christian care.
  • A person who is ready to focus on your needs.
  • A trustworthy confidant who will keep every thing you say, and your identity, confidential.
  • Someone who will faithfully meet with you on a weekly basis for as long as your need persists.

A Stephen Minister is Not…

  • A counselor or therapist
  • A problem-solver
  • Someone who runs errands or helps with chores
  • A casual visitor

How to Contact Stephen Ministry: 

For referral to a Stephen  Minister, please call the CPC Stephen Ministry Referral Line at (916) 486-0604, and press 2 at the prompt.

You may also contact the church office at (916) 486-9081, or the Pastoral staff.

“Bear one another’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” 
Galatians 6:2

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