World Wide Presbyterian Mission

Carmichael Presbyterian Church (CPC) takes very seriously the connectional nature of our denomination.  These connections extend to churches in our presbytery, synod and General Assembly.  Therefore, we budget nearly 9% of our annual church budget to support Synod and General Assembly mission in addition to the 1% budgeted commitment to the local mission in Carmichael.

Much of the money we budget to General Assembly goes to support Presbyterian Mission Co-Workers all over the world.  You can go to “Mission Co-Workers” page, here you will find a complete list in alphabetical order of all the PCUSA mission co-workers in our denomination.  To begin you might want to look for Sarah Henken.  She is the mission co-worker Pastor Ivan and John Wallace worked with when they went to Columbia in April in 2018.  Other mission co-workers who some members of our congregation have had a relationship with are Doug Dicks, Gary and Marlene Van Brocklin, Jeff and Christi Boyd.  Check out their postings.

Most co-workers put out a newsletter a few times a year. When you read a co-workers PCUSA website posting you can sign up to receive their newsletter.   Read about and pray for those people who are called to bring the love of God in Jesus Christ to our neighbors far away.   Also, let the CPC Mission committee know if you are interested in a particular co-worker or want to know more.  We will try to feature at least one co-worker in the Mission Bell every few months.

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