Memorial Services

The Church

Carmichael Presbyterian Church reaches out to our members and friends in the community by making our facilities available for memorial services and receptions. Our pastors, church staff and volunteers will work with you to create a meaningful service which we hope will be a comfort in your loss. Our sanctuary (seating 350) and our chapel (seating 70) make gracious settings for memorial services.

Preparing the Memorial Service

One of our pastors will meet with you and members of your family to plan the memorial service. At that time, he will walk through memorial service and reception plans with you and can offer suggestions for readings, hymns and other portions of the service. Caskets are not ordinarily present at memorial services, but if a casket is present, it must remain closed.

The Music

The church will provide an organist or pianist for memorial services.

The memorial of a loved one is first and foremost a worship service and witness to the resurrection. For that reason, all musical selections must have the pastor’s approval as appropriate for the occasion. The organist/pianist and pastor can help you select music for the service at your request. The church can also arrange for a soloist or other musicians if desired.

Should you choose to use recorded or amplified music during the memorial service, we will provide an audio technician to ensure good sound quality. Audio recordings should be on an audio CD (i.e. can be played in a CD player), iPod or other digital music device.

Additional Questions and Concerns

Please do not hesitate to contact the church office. We want to assist you in any way we can to make your loved one’s memorial service meaningful.


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